Advice Capital Global

Advice Capital Global invests in attractive companies across sector, geography and size.


The fund’s objective is to deliver an average yearly return of at least 8%. Furthermore, the fund seeks to deliver a yearly return corresponding to the global market while having lower volatility. 


Investment strategy 

The fund follows a stock-picking strategy where companies are carefully selected to comply with our specific criteria. The focus is on companies that are growing, both fundamentally and in their share price.  

Furthermore, we focus on stable companies where there is clear visibility into the future of the business. The fund has a dynamic exposure to stocks which means that the fund will reduce its exposure when the stock markets show weakness. This means that the fund typically experiences less volatility than the global market and also reduce drawdowns. 


Selection Criteria  

We seek to select exceptional companies with the following characteristics. 

High return on equity and invested capital, the right capital structure, low capital reinvestment needs, organic growth, unique business-model, competitive advantages, insensitivity to the economy and robustness from competitive pressures. 



Historically, the fund has experienced lower volatility in the portfolio than the global stock market. Due to the selection process of the companies we invest in and the strategy of reducing the overall exposure in the portfolio during times of financial stress, the risk level is considered moderate and also lower than the markets.  


Morningstar categori: Stock – Global Large Cap Growth


Dividend 2019: DKK 5,9


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