Advice Capital Global

Advice Capital Global invests in attractive companies across sector, geography and size.

We try to take advantage of temporarily inefficient markets. First of all, temporarily inefficient markets can be exploited when the market falls. This happens in situations where the price falls at the same time as the value of the companies is maintained or even increased. This situation will represent a buying opportunity as the companies’ business remains attractive, but the price of acquisition is now lower.


Secondly, temporarily inefficient markets can be exploited as prices increase. This situation typically arises when rising prices or positive expectations increase demand for the stock, which leads to further increases, which in turn leads to increased demand through a so-called positive feedback loop. Here we will try to hold the stock as long as the market continues to reward us with price increases and then sell as soon as the market turns. This is often easier said than done and requires constant monitoring of the stock market.


Overall, this means that the portfolio is put together opportunistically depending on what is attractive at any given time, which also means that there is constant replacement in the portfolio where investments that have realized their potential are replaced with new and more attractive investments. Our opportunistic approach results in an investment fund where the allocation to sectors, geographies and types of securities changes over time.


At Advice Capital, we believe that alignment of financial interests between manager and investor is an important cornerstone of investment management. Therefore, our portfolio managers are personally invested in the companies that are managed, so the manager achieves the same profit and loss as the outside investor. In addition, our compensation as a manager is also performance-dependent, which further interlocks the financial interests.



ISIN: DK0060696656


Ticker: INIACG


Expected long term return: 7-10%


7% CAGR since inception


Afkast siden start (21.03.2016): 32,27%


Morningstar categori: Stock – Global Large Cap Growth


Dividend 2019: DKK 5,9


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