Vision Fund

Vision Fund

“The investment philosophy is based on the belief that financial markets are not efficient. Through the course of the next many years, it is likely to see a slower economic pace and lower investment returns. 

The fund strives to invest in multibaggers using our selection criteria Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP).

Companies in our investment portfolio are characterized by strong franchises with growth, efficient profitability, a solid financial position, as well as good stewardship and discipline in operational and financial matters.

Ole Søeberg, founder of Nordic Investment Partners, is board member and advisor for Advice Capital Vision Fund. Vision Fund was launched in November 2018

The fund strategy is focus on the most likely growth clusters in 2020s in digitalization, healthcare/demographics and sustainable/renewables. The fund is long only, absolute return and focus on structural growth. The fee model is 0.00% fixed fee, 20% performance fee, high-water mark and a entry/exit fee applies.

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