Advice Invest

Advice Invest is an agile investment fund with a broad mandate to engage when lucrative market opportunities arise. In other words: We invest opportunistically where value can be found. We primarily invest in equities, but our broad mandate allows us to invest in all types of listed securities whenever market conditions favor such allocations.

The opportunistic approach results in a fund where the allocation to sectors, industries and security types may shift over time. As an illustration we made a major shift in sector allocation in 2019. During the year we found several undervalued pharma and healthcare companies and decided to allocate accordingly. The result was a successful shift from under-weight to over-weight in healthcare on a fund level.

At Advice Capital we strongly believe in alignment of interest between managers and investors. Therefore, all our portfolio managers are personally invested in the investment funds they manage. In addition, our compensation is determined by the performance of the funds, which further aligns interest between portfolio managers and capital providers.

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